GROWTH KIT is the best way for your startup to increase growth, users and revenue.
Have you ever had that moment when you don't know how to bring users in your startup and how to grow it?

I've had. And that's why I started to collect the best grow hacks for the past 1 year.

I've been collecting for them on Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Reddit, Telegram and founders blogs.

I've been using them for some of my projects and they've been proven.

And that's how Startup Growth Kit has been born. I've collected the best growth hacks for you, so you can increase your signups, customers, revenue.

I've collected it in Notion documents and templates. Open, read, implement, repeat. Very simple.
Max Rand
CTO of, CTO of Neomora Inc., founder of Project Erathia media(20k+ subscribers), indie hacker.
Startup Growth KIT - 300+ growth hacks & tools in Notion | Product Hunt
Explore 100+ places to post your startup. Medias, Forums, Blogs. Free, paid, additional links to other lists! Just by posting your project into these places you're totally gonna increase your audience!

Also, have you heard of secret communities in Openland, Discord, Telegram? No? Growth Kit gives you that.

Have you used online accelerators to get early adopters and a feedback? No? Now you can do that with Growth Kit!

Don't know where to start? Don't worry. Go step by step in Launch Check List. Learn, make a newsletter, get content tools, grow, network with people, launch on PH, IndieHackers and more! Each step is provided with a link to more details!

If you pass all the steps you are guaranteed to increase your sign ups and revenue.

Learn and implement. Product Hunt guides, Reddit Guides, Social Media Guides, and Growth Guides to succeed. Learn on others mistakes. Get new insights of launching and growing a project!

Save your time in growing a project by using services and tools. Use content tools to write quickly. Use email services to setting up newsletters and sending a useful content. Network with founders via Lunchclub. Track your competitors data to get insights. Post your startup to 100 places in one click with growing tools!

Use email templates to write quickly and efficiently! Use LinkedIn templates to network with cool people! Use Product Hunt templates from the best makers to make your Product description perfect! Don't waste time, don't reinvent the wheel, use the best.

Lifetime monthly updates! More growth strategies, more sections, more frameworks every week. Founder, B2B, Facebook, Email Sections are coming. Growth Framework App is in development.

Lifetime access — $79
✅ 100+ Places to post your startup
✅ 30+ chats and communities
✅ 100+ growth guides
✅ Launch Check List
✅ 50+ Growth Tools, Services and Resources
✅ 20+ Marketing Templates
Weekly updates

After a purchase you can be redirected directly to Growth Kit or if you don't want you can find your Growth Kit in your email inbox ;)
Pre Order — $24. All copies left.
Early Price — $49. 300 copies left.
Startup Growth KIT - 300+ growth hacks & tools in Notion | Product Hunt
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